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Yours truly interviewed about Kindle Worlds on Hasbro Pulse

Hasbro unveiled their new “Hasbro Pulse” fan conduit website a short while ago and it’s already proven to be a source of some great information.

As of October 1st, however, it clearly jumped the shark, because they featured an interview with yours truly to talk about Kindle Worlds, the Wolf Squad, and other related G.I. Joe topics.

In all seriousness, I was quite honored to be asked to speak about my experiences with Kindle Worlds and how fun it was to explore Wolf Squad, and you can check out that interview right here.

While you’re there, be sure to check out all the great intel from Hasbro related to NYCC reveals for Transformers, Star Wars, My Little Pony and other excitement!

Hasbro Pulse looks to be a great conduit of some fandom information straight from the source.  Big thanks to the fine folks at Hasbro for talking with me and letting me share my experiences!


Thank you for all of your support!

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has bought Welcome to Wolf Squad available at the Kindle Worlds store. The reaction has been fantastic! I am humbled and thankful to everyone, truly.

Anyone who has purchased and read the novella, please consider writing a quick review if you would. Good reviews help would-be readers find the book and provide good feedback to me as well.

When I wrote Welcome to Wolf Squad over ten days last week I never anticipated the positive response I would get, and the reaction has inspired me to dive whole hog into more G.I. Joe fiction. I hope to have some exciting news in that regard in a little while.

Until then, though, if enjoy Welcome to Wolf Squad as well as The Price of Peace trilogy please consider writing a few reviews and thank you all!

New Kindle Worlds Novella – Welcome to Wolf Squad!

I’ll admit, I geeked out just a little bit during the GeneralsJoes Q & A when designer John Violette mentioned the Wolf Squad.  I geeked out so much I immediately started writing a new G.I. Joe Novella, my first fan fiction since my Dio-Story universe ended!

Fans who are familiar with the line up for the upcoming 50th Anniversary assortment in 2015 will find a lot in common here.  Using the mentioned “Wolf Squad” as an inspiration, I crafted an exciting story pitting Joes against Cobras with the characters and vehicles from this upcoming line.

It’s a Novella and it’s available on Kindle Worlds now!  Check it out!

Any reference to Wolf Squad here is my own take on the idea, nothing endorsed by Hasbro…and this is a “stand alone” story, though may end up being somewhat of a spring board into something…we’ll see.  🙂