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Welcome to Toy Fair Week!

Welcome to Toy Fair Week!

I gotta say, it feels good to type those words. It seems like a very long time since there was something G.I. Joe-wise to look forward to at Toy Fair, but this year promises to turn that all around.

You’ll notice that the main page of GeneralsJoesReborn has undergone a minor facelift as we work towards the Hasbro Collector’s Event next Saturday. The countdown clock you see above expires at 1:30pm, which is when the Hasbro Collectors Event begins, but please keep in mind, the latest show room images may not be posted until later that evening.

While I am not able to travel to New York next weekend myself, Chris from The Full Force will be there in my stead, representing both GeneralsJoes and The Full Force podcast, so you know we’ll get some fantastic photo and video coverage live from NYC as soon as humanly possible. You’ll want to be sure to follow:

  1. GeneralsJoes on Facebook
  2. The Full Force on Facebook
  3. GeneralsJoes on Twitter
  4. The Full Force on Twitter

I expect to see some news about the G.I. Joe: Classified six inch line, the anticipated Snake Eyes movie line(s), and perhaps even more. While Jazwares news likely will not hit alongside the Hasbro stuff on Saturday, I’m sure more of that intel will be available throughout the weekend and into the following week as the official Toy Fair kicks off.

Regardless of what we see, the anticipation itself is a breath of fresh air and I find myself extremely excited to await the reports from the presentation and the showroom tour next weekend.

Good stuff coming in a week, and fantastic stuff coming for 2020, look forward to sharing it all with you!

Toy Fair video from the 90th Toy Fair is a nostalgia atom bomb

Where have these videos been all my life?!

Over in the G.I. Joe Discussion Group on Facebook, Jared has posted a few links to some videos on YouTube taking a peek at the Toy Fair events of years past, including the 90th Toy Fair from…  1993!

It is an amazing dance back in time as we see some great mid 90s G.I. Joe product, remember how damn prolific Playmates Toys was back then, and see a bunch of great toys that I have ZERO recollection of.

Seriously that TMNT vehicle that snags the Foot Soldier in the first few minutes is amazing.  Why do I not know what that thing is?

Check out the video below  as well as the Sgt. Savage presentation from 1994 and make sure to poke around that YouTube channel for some more good stuff.

First, I need to know, though… WHAT IS THIS AND WHY DON’T I HAVE IT?


What’s on Joe Mind – Episode 90!

It’s been a bit of a break since we posted our last episode, and it seems like the world of G.I. Joe has turned inside out and backwards since then.  Excitement about Toy Fair blitzed the online community, only to be defused by the rumor that Hasbro will not be in attendance at JoeCon, and an underlying uncertainty about the future of our favorite brand.  We also had a chat with none other than BJ Ward, the voice of Scarlett from the Sunbow animated series!

Well, to celebrate the sure fire collapse of all toy related patriotism, Gary took a strike from the show and is absent from Episode 90.  Actually, Chuck is, too, but we figured that was more due to laziness.

However, Mike and Justin called in the reserves as Dave from Toy World Order and the immortal Erik Arana from Boss Fight Studio joined us on the program!  Check out the latest episode on Podbean or embedded below, and hit up the Show Notes after the jump.


Toy Fair 2014 – Loyal Subjects catalog reveals Series Two G.I. Joe!

One very cool licensed item that was debuted last year were some great mini figures by the Loyal Subjects.  Packaged in blind boxes these unique items had some great chase figures as well as a really  cool and unique design aesthetic.

GeneralsJoes Twitter friend Matt Guzy from Awesome Toy Blog acquired a catalog from the Loyal Subjects at Toy Fair, and within was a listing for Series Two of their G.I. Joe items!

Characters like Roadblock, Beachhead, and Cobra Trooper are shown in the catalog, among others.  Check out the mirrored image below and big thanks to Matt for the heads up.  Follow him on Twitter for some great Toy Fair coverage.


G.I. Joe Kre-O SuperPage Updated with Wave 3/4 Information and images

I’ve seen some questions about identifying the Kre-O releases, so I’ve updated the Kre-O SuperPage to include all of the latest images and assortment information to reflect the new additions.

Hit up the G.I. Joe Kre-O Super Page and scroll down to Wave 3, where you’ll see the two new waves announced yesterday as well as the boxed sets.



At some point I’ll probably do up a 50th Anniversary one as well, but it doesn’t feel like there’s quite enough details released to warrant that as of yet.