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I gotta say, it feels good to type those words. It seems like a very long time since there was something G.I. Joe-wise to look forward to at Toy Fair, but this year promises to turn that all around.

You’ll notice that the main page of GeneralsJoesReborn has undergone a minor facelift as we work towards the Hasbro Collector’s Event next Saturday. The countdown clock you see above expires at 1:30pm, which is when the Hasbro Collectors Event begins, but please keep in mind, the latest show room images may not be posted until later that evening.

While I am not able to travel to New York next weekend myself, Chris from The Full Force will be there in my stead, representing both GeneralsJoes and The Full Force podcast, so you know we’ll get some fantastic photo and video coverage live from NYC as soon as humanly possible. You’ll want to be sure to follow:

  1. GeneralsJoes on Facebook
  2. The Full Force on Facebook
  3. GeneralsJoes on Twitter
  4. The Full Force on Twitter

I expect to see some news about the G.I. Joe: Classified six inch line, the anticipated Snake Eyes movie line(s), and perhaps even more. While Jazwares news likely will not hit alongside the Hasbro stuff on Saturday, I’m sure more of that intel will be available throughout the weekend and into the following week as the official Toy Fair kicks off.

Regardless of what we see, the anticipation itself is a breath of fresh air and I find myself extremely excited to await the reports from the presentation and the showroom tour next weekend.

Good stuff coming in a week, and fantastic stuff coming for 2020, look forward to sharing it all with you!