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Snake Eyes film enters final week of shooting

Snake Eyes film enters final week of shooting

Courtesy of Henry Golding’s Instagram account, we find out that the Snake Eyes film is officially entering its final week of shooting! This is exciting news and depending on post production certainly lends additional credence to meeting that October, 2020 release date.

And damn… where can I get one o’ dem windbreakers?

Henry Golding reveals first look at Snake Eyes!

Henry Golding reveals first look at Snake Eyes!

It’s Snake Eyes’ star Henry Golding’s birthday, but we’re the ones getting the present!

On Golding’s Instagram account today, he shared the first ever promotional image from the upcoming Snake Eyes film! It features who we must believe is Snake Eyes himself in more traditional ninja garb looking up the steps to an ancient temple, and if you look close enough you can just see what appear to be two (red???) ninja looking down upon him.

It’s a nicely done image, black and white with a bit of an artistic flair that doesn’t reveal a whole lot, but does a good job drumming up some excitement for the film. It drummed up enough excitement that I hopped on a Full Force News Burst with Chris this morning and quickly relayed enthusiastic thoughts.

Check out the image below and the Full Force News Burst on Podbean or YouTube.

G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes Movie News Round Up

G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes Movie News Round Up

I knew when I got GeneralsJoes fired back up a couple of weeks back, that news for the upcoming G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes film would start hitting hard, and I wasn’t disappointed.

In the past week, I’ve talked to Chris at The Full Force several times regarding updates to the Snake Eyes movie, everything from BS casting news to Henry Golding’s rumored casting, to the return of Robert Schwentke and the assembling of the full production team, preparing to leap into the fray.

Much of this news comes from Silver Optimus at and I’ve spent quite a while addressing the news with Chris at The Full Force.

The outstanding question really remains – what do we make of all of this? Is this really happening? Is a new G.I. Joe film on the horizon? If so, how will it resemble the brand as we know it?

The first question that comes up is Henry Golding. It seems a done deal that he’s a part of the G.I. Joe cast, but is he Snake Eyes as many online outlets are assuming? Or could he be Storm Shadow? Does it really matter?

Image courtesy of BossLogic

Golding is a potential emerging star, and having him involved in the film is a good thing, in my eyes, though the potential of him being Snake Eyes has already caused a bit of a fandom furor, not just because Snake Eyes has traditionally been seen as Caucasian, but because his nature as an “outsider” among the Arashikage clan is a large part of his character development arc. I think he can still be an outsider if Golding portrays him, my larger question is, why would they cast an emerging star like Golding in a role that (one would assume) has him eventually wearing a mask for 90% of the time.

Unless, of course, they’re going to drastically alter the Snake Eyes mythology even more than one might think.

Lots of really cool elements to dissect for sure, and I’m thinking I got GeneralsJoes fired back up just in time. Regardless of who Henry Golding plays, who is directing the film, and how things are shaking out, I’m pretty excited to have something new to talk about. Definitely check out the Full Force News Bursts below to hear me and Chris hash some of these things out.