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Behind the Scenes of G.I. Joe’s First Micro-Movie is on YouTube

I’ve been going to JoeCon for a long time.  My first visit was in San Francisco in 2003, and I’ve been going, more or less, ever since (besides three or so shows that I missed along the way).

The panels and panelists all deserve a huge amount of credit for taking time out of their busy schedules to talk to fans and provide information that isn’t always available elsewhere.  Every once in a while, too, a panel appears at JoeCon that completely changes my perspective and entertains me in a way that I haven’t been entertained recently.


The Behind the Scenes of G.I. Joe’s first Micro Movie was one of those panels.  Carson from 3DJoes spent the entire panel with G.I. Joe marketing guru Kirk Bozigian, showcasing never before seen behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the 1990’s live action commercials, all interspersed with other information about the commercials, while making sure to show the actual commercials along the way as well.  The result was a panel chock-full of laughs, cheers, and a real appreciation for the work that went into making G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero the landmark, retail-altering brand it was back in the 80’s (and 90’s).

There was fantastic insight from Kirk Bozigian himself, unbelievable behind the scenes footage, and so much great stuff along the way.  I can’t give Carson enough props for what he worked hard to put together.  This was one hell of a way to celebrate JoeCon’s last harrah, and I truly hope there’s more to come.  Carson has put a terrific video up on YouTube.  You need to stop what you’re doing and go watch it right now.  It’s just incredible.

3DJoes Cribs Episode 01 – Snackbar Ranch

Our buddy Carson over at 3DJoes has just released the premier episode of 3DJoes Cribs which takes a look at the home of Admiral Josh Snackbar and his nicely displayed toy room.

The video is really well produced and edited and was a very fun watch!  You should check it out on YouTube, and don’t forget to hit up for their fantastic  take at the history of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero.


Episode 96 of What’s on Joe Mind is now online!

Yes, the recording schedule has been a bit hap hazard, especially with no real news to talk about, but that’s changed over the past few weeks as the news for G.I. Joe has had a resurgence, especially with the 50th Anniversary line being released to retail! We also talk about our favorite Marvel Comics Covers and talk Coil Con.

Not only that, but we talk to Carson of 3D Joes about his exciting 3D Joes Poster Kickstarter Campaign!

Check out our Podbean Page or the embedded player below for the latest episode and the Show Notes are after the jump.


3D Joes Completes their run of classic ARAH figures!

One of the most inventive G.I. Joe themed sites over the past couple of years, 3DJoes set a lofty goal ahead of themselves. A goal to acquire and 3D scan every single vintage Real American Hero figure for their stunningly awesome 3D Joes gallery.

Well, it took a while, but the job is done, and 3DJoes announced via their Twitter page tonight that they have now completed the full run of ARAH figures from 1982 – 1994! This is an amazing accomplishment, so let’s all give the folks at 3DJoes some big props, and while you’re at it, support their site by picking up one of their posters. It’s a small way we can show our support and help offset the costs associated with the 3D image capture software.

Congrats to Carson and 3DJoes for this great accomplishment!


What’s on Joe Mind celebrates Episode 74 with Lady Jaye herself!

All it took were a few words, and you could instantly recognize the voice from our youth.  Mary MacDonald-Lewis joined us for a fantastic action-packed interview, bringing some of her classy Sunbow Lady Jaye style to the show.  We talk about her experiences with the animated series, her real life relationship with Bill “Flint” Ratner, and whether or not she thinks Adrianne Palicki can fill her shoes.

Also joining us on this episode is Carson from the epic G.I. Joe site, 3DJoes!  He talks technology and what drew him to build his site and where he thinks it might go in the future.  Along with this we cover news, and get fired up about G.I. Joe: Retaliation!  Come join us on Podbean, or use the embedded players below.  As always click the “Read the Rest of the Story” link for the show notes.



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