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One of the most inventive G.I. Joe themed sites over the past couple of years, 3DJoes set a lofty goal ahead of themselves. A goal to acquire and 3D scan every single vintage Real American Hero figure for their stunningly awesome 3D Joes gallery.

Well, it took a while, but the job is done, and 3DJoes announced via their Twitter page tonight that they have now completed the full run of ARAH figures from 1982 – 1994! This is an amazing accomplishment, so let’s all give the folks at 3DJoes some big props, and while you’re at it, support their site by picking up one of their posters. It’s a small way we can show our support and help offset the costs associated with the 3D image capture software.

Congrats to Carson and 3DJoes for this great accomplishment!