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Last call reminder – Toy Fair 2011 coverage!

Tomorrow is the big day, and while G.I. Joe’s mention was noticeably absent from the official Hasbro Press Release today, I know there will still be some cool new stuff to look at in New York City tomorrow.
I’ll be there with camera in hand, and as next week goes along, the latest SuperPage will get made up, and as you’ve come to expect, GeneralsJoes will be right there with the information and the insight.  The Fan event starts at 1:00pm Eastern, and generally takes a few hours.  I can usually get myself to Grand Central by 4:30 – 5:00pm to take advantage of their free wireless and start getting stuff uploaded.
Also as a reminder, I will be Tweeting my ass off tomorrow (or trying to, at least, as I did today), so if you want to be first in line with the intel, follow me on Twitter.
I may even (though I’m not sure yet) set the site here to archive the Tweets as they go through, just to keep updates in both places.  We’ll see.
Yo Joe!  Next stop..  well, next stop is G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode 10 tonight.  Then on to New York City.

Toy Fair Coverage this weekend

Just as a reminder, I will be in attendance in New York City this weekend for the Hasbro Fan Presentation in the midst of Toy Fair 2011.  The event occurs Saturday at noon, and expect live tweets and on the spot reporting as quickly as possible during the chaos of room tours and running through the city looking for open WiFi.
I strongly recommend that you follow me on Twitter.  That will be the first and best source of immediate reports from the show.
Once I get settled in Grand Central, I’ll start uploading pics as well.  I’ll be adding a link to the drop down menu as well for Toy Fair 2011 coverage, just to keep things organized.
Toy Fair 2011 kicks off a great few months of shows with JoeCon in late March, leading up to SDCC in July.  Things are officially going to start heating up!