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Toy Fair Update – First Picture Push

I’m on a tight timeline, so you’ll have to excuse the rushed nature of these images, I promise I will take time to refine, crop, and organize them better as the weekend goes on (when I’m not running close to the wire for catching a train back home).
Until then… here’s what I got.
Resolute Figures
Not much was show on the presentation floor, and we don’t have official press pics yet.  Here are Flint, Zartan, and Scarlett:

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Pursuit of Cobra Figures
Not everything was on the floor, but here’s what I’ve got for them, too, scatters of both Wave 1 and Wave 2:

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Pursuit of Cobra Vehicles
Also, scatters of Wave 1 and Wave 2 for Alphas and Bravos:

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Pursuit of Cobra Mech Suits
Scattered images of the the Joe and Cobra Mechs:

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Gary here again.  Just got a call from Justin who is trying to track down a WiFi hotspot to upload his pictures.  Keep your eyes on this site for a major pending update.

While waiting for the pics……

Gary here again.  If you are like me, the news of the Reso 7 packs is AWESOME news.  I can’t wait to see those pictures.  To pass the time, here are some other news feeds you can browse to.
Various other Joe Toy Fair Coverage subsites from around the community.
(in no particular order)
The GI Joe Collectors’ Club also has pictures.  Site membership is required to view them.
If you would like your Toy Fair subsite added, just drop me a line in the comments section.

Toy Fair Update – Pursuit of Cobra details

Seen some POC stuff, too… Mostly stuff we’ve seen.
Wave 1 – Arctic SE, Jungle Duke, Snow Job, Beachhead, Alley-Viper, Firefly, Cobra Commander.
CC won’t be a mailaway. CHASE FIGURE
Wave 2 – Dusty, Recondo, Arctic Destro, Snake Eyes (all new), Zartan, Jungle Viper
Pics will be coming later…

Toy Fair Update! – Resolute Revealed

Lots revealed… Resolute 7 Packs!
Joe – Flint, Beachhead, Arctic Duke, Snake Eyes, Stalker, Scarlett, and Roadblock
Cobra – Storm Shadow, Alley-Viper, Firefly, CC (chrome mask, new knife), Zartan, Baroness (new colors), and Destro.
Available online this fall, lots of new tooling! Pics to come later…