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As a G.I. Joe fan collecting movie memorabilia is a challenge

Last week, I posted my first installment in the League of Extraordinary Bloggers challenge, which focused on my favorite Saturday matinee “comfort movie”.  I went outside my normal G.I. Joe comfort zone and spent some time talking about the Amazing Spider-Man, the 70’s television series that I was always glued to whenever it was rebroadcast on Channel 56’s “Creature Double Feature”.

This week, however, I did want to try to keep my focus on G.I. Joe…but when the following topic came up, I really had to scratch my head:

You have an unlimited budget and space is not a problem. What piece of Hollywood memorabilia would you want hanging around in your batcave?

Hmm…  movie memorabilia and G.I. Joe…kind of an oxymoron.  What was I going to do, get a lifesize Molepod for my house?  Not so much.  Click the read the rest of this story link below to see if I can salvage this one.


The Best Saturdays were Amazing Spider-Man Saturdays

I’m doing something a bit new with this particular post.  Over on Twitter, I’ve been in pretty active conversations with many fellow bloggers who focus on pop culture and the whole 80’s phenomenon.  Well, the owner and admin over at Cool & Collected has started a neat initiative, entitled the “League of Extraordinary Bloggers” where several folks invested in pop culture would tackle a similar topic, and all of us would cross-link to each other in an attempt to create cool community atmosphere.  I know not nearly all of my readers are on Twitter and can appreciate the great interactive atmosphere we form there, so I thought if I took part in some of these posts it would be a cool way to give my readers access to some other pop culture blogs apart from the same G.I. Joe wordsmithing you get here.

A word of warning…because these are pop culture topics and 80’s topics, it won’t necessarily have a G.I. Joe focus.  This one doesn’t necessarily, though you will see a G.I. Joe cameo later on, I promise you.