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Sigma 6 Celebration Day 7: Adventure Team Dusty Review

I’ve been promising a surprise throughout this whole Sigma 6 Celebration, and unfortunately the “surprise” is a bit dilluted, just because this figure has shown up on while I was in the planning stages of this big “reveal”, but still, I think folks will enjoy this in depth typical GeneralsJoes format review for the unproduced Adventure Team Dusty!

A great figure that unfortunately never saw the light of day, anything you could want to know, you can now find out!


Sigma 6 Celebration Day 6: Season Two Recap (Part 2)

Well, this rounds off the GeneralsJoes “Sigma 6 Celebration”.  I hope folks who are fans of the toyline enjoyed it, and I hope those who aren’t weren’s too put off by it, and maybe even found some redeeming characteristics buried within.

Obviously if you’re at this point, you’ve probably been reading all along, and have already perused the Season 1 Recap (Parts 1 and 2) as well as the first part of the Season 2 recap.  So far I’ve covered the animated series as a whole all the way up through Episode 9 of Season 2.  I’m actually somewhat surprised at myself for being able to stomach this out, because quite honestly I’m not a fan of the animated series.  While there were snippets of cool action, and I always love seeing my toys come to life on the screen, as a whole the writing was painful, the dialog abysmal, and some of the characterizations were straight out of the worst stereotypes I can imagine.  Yet some part of me enjoys the Sigma 6 universe so much, that it seemed a shame not to at least touch on the animated series to at least a degree.  And at this point, I’ve gotten this far, might as well wrap it up.


Sigma 6 Celebration Day 6: Season Two Recap (Part 1)

If you’ve been following along, you’ve seen me cover Season One of the Sigma 6 cartoon in two parts here and here.  I’ll be doing the same thing this time around with Season Two, covering the first 6 episodes in this article, then covering the next 6 episodes in Part Two.  Episode 13 of Season 2 was merely a “recap show” wrapped into a pseudo-Awards show, so I didn’t feel that was even worth including.

It should be noted that in the US, Season Two only aired through Episode 8, the rest of them were found on the Canadian station YTV, or Hasbro’s “MonkeybarTV” website.


Sigma 6 Celebration Day 5: Season One Recap (Part 2)

In Part One, I gave an overview of the Sigma 6 animated series, and covered episodes 1-6 of the first Season. The first 5 episodes encompassed one 5-part tale, while Episode 6, “Race” began dipping into the Power Stones story and introduced us to Spirit Iron-Knife for the first time. As we continue on through the rest of Season One, Spirit sees some more action, we get a lot of robots thrown at us, and as with the first 6 episodes, the end result is more than a bit mixed.


Sigma 6 Celebration Day 5: Season One Recap (Part 1)

If there was anything that the G.I. Joe purists hated more than the Sigma 6 toys or the  Sigma 6 concept itself, it was the animated series.  We got our first taste of the cartoon at the G.I. Joe convention, and all came away pretty impressed.  With designs and animation by Gonzo studios, this seemed like a potentially great (if not somewhat “kiddified”) new super-hero type animated series, but featuring our favorite Joe characters.  While at the beginning, the animation impressed, the writing was an immediate drawback, as the cartoon came across as if it were almost written for the kindergarten set.  Overly emotional, wacky vocal patterns, and over-exaggerated expressions gave us the worst parts of the Japanese animation culture, but not much of the good stuff.  Still, there were some things to look forward to, if you could overlook the silliness.