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Things have been a bit quiet around these parts recently, but that looks like it could be changing. I’m not sure what it was, whether it was participating in the fan roundtable a short time ago or the flurry of activity around the H.I.S.S. HasLab, but whatever the case, I’ve been bitten by the Classified bug and have spent quite a bit of time over the past week playing a little catch up.

If you look back at my G.I. Joe: Classified Review Page you’ll see that I actually didn’t fall THAT far behind. Yes there are definitely some gaps, but considering it’s been a year since I posted a review — could be a lot worse.

I’ve played a little bit of catch up, posting (or finishing partially written) reviews for Flint, Lady Jaye and Major Bludd. Yes, they are older figures, but I promise that’s just the start.

At some point this week I’ll be posting reviews for Spirit, Storm Shadow and COBRA Officer, and I’m hoping for Croc Master shortly thereafter.

If everything goes according to plan, perhaps I’ll even work to fill in some of those other gaps before Tomax, Xamot and Stalker arrive. Time will tell.

So, stay tuned — hopefully lots more still to come!