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A normal Monday was interrupted today thanks to IGN revealing a first look at the next G.I. Joe: Classified figure, COBRA Commander himself!

IGN revealed an awesome looking rendition of the COBRA leader, complete with blue uniform and black trim. However, they also announced that sales app NTWRK would offer the figure up on June 18th.

What was interesting was that NTWRK showed a different version of COBRA Commander than was revealed on IGN.

What’s up with that?

Well, there are no answers yet, but it should be noted that last year, the San Diego ComicCon exclusive Ghostbusters Optimus Prime was offered in limited capacity through this same NTWRK app. So it seems possible (if not likely) that the brighter deco seen on NTWRK is in fact an SDCC Exclusive that may be available through their virtual convention as well as through NTWRK, or may just perhaps be offered through NTWRK and some other exclusive venue. It would be nice if Hasbro themselves would share some of that information rather than cause confusion about their products, but that seems to be their standard operating procedure for the Classified line thus far.

Meanwhile the darker blue is likely reserved for a standard retail release in September (according to the IGN article).

This is all hypothesis, but seems to make some sense. Big thanks to notpicard for the heads up about the Ghostbusters Prime figure last year.