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RaginSpoon has been a long time mainstay in the G.I. Joe Collector community, initially making a splash with custom sculpted and cast heads and accessories.

For many years now, the folks there have had a dream of mass producing their own diorama accessories, and I’m thrilled to say that a short while ago, they made that dream a reality! The Complex base building system (available at hit the collector community by storm, and now they’re looking to really branch out and do some exciting things.

A Kickstarter has been launched for series two of the Complex base building system which features some amazing new accessories, catwalks, stairways, as well as additional types of walls (if it can hit those stretch goals). All of these parts and pieces are compatible with the initial build sets, and many of them are also compatible with the peg/hole system of some of your favorite 1:18 scale modern military lines.

The possibilities are truly limitless. I wish this was out there ten years ago while I was still making dio-stories. Anyway, go hit up their Kickstarter and think about pledging for some great looking accessories and parts for your dioramas!