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As usual, is on top of any and all news related to the upcoming G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes film, reporting that Andrew Li has updated his LinkedIn Profile with the fact that he is now the Art Director for G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes.

This is fantastic news from a pure talent perspective as Mr. Li has had his fingers in some of the most stylistically appealing films in recent memory, including Pacific Rim, Star Trek: Beyond, X-Men 2, and a litany of others (you can check out his portfolio right here).

Of course, that does bring up some questions… everything we’ve heard about the Snake Eyes film to date indicates it’s a prequel and that it takes some serious cues from 1970’s Kung Fu films.  Personally, I struggle a little to see where Mr. Li’s style dovetails with 70’s Kung Fu, but based on his qualifications alone, I remain exceptionally optimistic.

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More to come!