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Yes, I’m a little late to the table on this one, what with new G.I. Joe writer Paul Allor sharing plenty of #GIJonday images on his Twitter account, but for anyone who isn’t already aware, IDW Publishing is launching a brand new G.I. Joe title this September!

Looking at things from the perspective of COBRA ruling the world, this new series sees the G.I. Joe team taking to the streets, fighting back against the power of COBRA Commander and the ruling class. So far, the designs look like a lot of fun, taking some obvious cues from the vintage looks, but adding a nice little twist to things.

The ashcan has also been released, which has revealed the first few pages of the comic. It’s available for Pre-Order now through Diamond and your favorite comic stores, so show some support for G.I. Joe… by the sounds of things, they’re up against a wall!

Check out some of the images below, and follow Paul Allor on Twitter for some of the latest reveals.

Five-Page Preview (Courtesy of Westfield Comics)

Images shared via #GIJonday