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What can I say, I’m a sucker for G.I. Joe licensed media and the latest one to have me captivated is War on COBRA.

First, a disclaimer – G.I. Joe: War on COBRA has not been officially announced or revealed by Hasbro or anyone affiliated. It is currently only available to certain international locations, and appears to be Android only (so far).  Also, this is likely a beta version of the game, so chances that it’s compatible with any of your devices are slim. 

However, G.I. Joe: Battlegrounds started out the same way several years back, so I have no reason to believe War on COBRA won’t be more widely available very shortly. I will say, thanks to an Android emulator on my trusty Surface Pro laptop, I’ve had a chance to play it quite a bit over the past twenty-four hours and it is a ton of fun. Gameplay is very similar to stuff like Command and Conquer: Rivals or Clash of Clans, with some interesting animated design and cartoon-like explosions. Lots of vintage throwbacks (Devilfish and the Skystorm helicopter to name a few) and I think there is some really fun potential to be had here.

Check out the Full Force News Burst I recorded with Chris below, some neat insight into the game play and characters here!