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During the frenzy of the holiday season, the folks from Boss Fight offered a special exclusive Advent “Mystery Box” filled with some great Vitruvian HACKS related product.  Now, with huge thanks to YoJoe member plastica, we’ve got a great look at what was inside.

I admit the title makes little sense. BUT back almost two months ago from December 6 to December 26th Boss Fight Studios had several special deals on various days most of which were one day only deals (though one deal of 15% off on all accessory sets they launched half a day early which threw me off a little.

I made use of a few of the deals (including the 15% off deal) BUT for most of us the crème de la crème was set for December 26 known in some countries as Boxing Day (and no I don’t think it’s a reference to a good ol bout between the late Muhammed Ali and Smoking Joe Frasier). This deal was for a Mystery Box that cost fifty dollars but was guaranteed to have at least $50 worth of merchandise in it.

They delivered. I actually did up a mockup of what some of the more obvious items would have cost before shipping and it was almost eighty-eight dollars.

What came in the Box well that’s the reveal part.

MBox Pic1

The First was a Decal Set. Boss Fight released a previous version so that collectors could customize the shields available in the series 1 accessory sets. This one though is a new version which includes a couple different decals for the Series 2 Knights Shields and a decal for the Series 2 Knight Standard which will come with Lance Steelblade and is already available in a couple of Character Creator Kits which are the Series 2 equivalent to the accessory sets but are geared more towards certain types of characters

MBox Pic2

Speaking of the Series 1 Accessory Sets here is one now. In this case Emerald Green Set A. From what I saw on Facebook some got Set B.

MBox Pic3

Another obvious one. A Chrome blank. When the original blanks came out they were poly bagged with a hanger tag on top but starting with the Chrome blanks they switched to boxes. Mine is female but from what I saw on Facebook some received Male blanks.

MBox Pic4

These are Blind Bag mini kits that are available on the website even now. In these you get parts in black, red, or white to make Anubis, a Boxer, a Crustacean, an Old One (what some refer to as a Cthulhu) a Robot, or even a Rodent. There is no way of knowing what is actually inside unless you open them up. (I haven’t opened mine yet). The only sure-fire way to ensure you get what you want is to order a case of them which I initially did.

MBox Pic5

This one isn’t as obvious but in looking at it this bag contains an Evil Skeleton Accessory Set. The Evil Skeleton was a special release Vitruvian Basics figure that was available for a very short time around Halloween. Unfortunately I missed my chance to get one at that time (it sold out quick). Back in December one of the deals Boss Fight had was where if you bought any two skeletons (blanks or carded) get a free evil skeleton accessory set. I took advantage of the deal.

MBox Pic6 MBox Pic7

This one actually required two pictures since you couldn’t immediately tell the contents by looking at the bag. BUT when spread out you can see what looks like an Orc Helmet, an Orc Hammer, Orc Belt, Orc Sword, and Orc Shoulder pads and belt pads. It also has four arrows that came with the Series 2 Aiyana the Autumn Elf Archer and the Vitruvian Basics Archer of Molpadia And will also come with Aspen the Spring Elven Archer though the quiver is actually the Elven Bolt Quiver that came with Cerisier the Sakura Elven Assassin. While the same quiver came with Narissa the Leader of the Withered Branch I can tell by color that this quiver came with Cerisier

MBox Pic8

This one I was able to immediately recognize as the chest armor, shield, and short sword and scabbard to the Myrmidon Warrior. From what I saw on FB some received a Myrmex shield.

MBox Pic9

Another easy one Glorious Gold versions of the Athenian Armor and the Myrmidon Helmet. These accessories were not part of the boxed A/B Accessory sets but were originally available back Easter Weekend in orange plastic Easter Eggs and in October were made available online as part of accessory Enhancement sets. As of the mid to late December the Cobalt Blue, Emerald Green and yes Glorious Gold Enhancement Packs were still available but Aged Steel has sold out.

MBox Pic10

This one is a little harder to recognize but it’s two potion bottles and a Flame which originally came with Felonious the Wandering Mage (though the colors are different and so far, exclusive to this mystery box).

MBox Pic11

Ah yes, a Skeleton. Mine is a Gray Skeleton but from what I saw on Facebook some received a black skeleton. I probably could use this with the Evil Skeleton accessories above though it wouldn’t be a true Evil Skeleton (the original Evil Skeleton base figure was a Warrior Skeleton).

MBox Pic12 MBox Pic13

The Berzerker Gorgon. The result of an interesting experiment to see what would happen if Eurayle had her sister Stheno infuse one of Euryale’s precious Disciple’s with her venom. Not a bad figure really for a male Gorgon. It’s a cool looking figure. I have a few others and my original Berzerker Gorgon has a cool looking difference from the original. A couple of my online friends thought it looked cool so I didn’t bother to file a report with Boss Fight and chose to live with it When you think about it in reality not every Berzerker Gorgon would have looked exactly the same as it is.

MBox Pic14

Now this is humorous. If receiving a mystery box is achievement #16 what were the first fifteen achievements supposed to be?

OK I posted these three pictures together for Historical purposes. The left-hand picture above contains most of the accessories to an initial test run for the ghost light accessory set. The other two pictures had they been in a box would constitute what we actually got in the Ghost Light set. The unproduced whiter sets were made available in smaller pieces in the periodic blind bag runs that Boss Fight does sometimes.

All in all what was my impression of the mystery box.

Well I was very impressed. Back shortly before Christmas I started a thread on Facebook trying to see if I could get some kind of a clue from Boss Fight on what might be in the boxes but nobody officially commented.  Word was sent out a week or so before they shipped that they were waiting for an item to come in that was slated for the Mystery Box. Some people thought it was a few items from Felonious BUT I’m thinking it might have been the Decal Sheet since I bought the original version last summer and it looked different then what was in the box.

IF I was to give this a star rating it would be

Five Stars.

Though I admit it would be hard to do a full-scale rating since there are so many different parts to it.