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I’ve already gone on and on about how fantastic the Vitruvian HACKS Knight of Accord is, and honestly the base figure is the same here so this figure has all of the same awesome qualities.  It’s like a perfect blend of the Orc Conqueror and the Knight of Accord with just the right twist of Skeleton.  How can you ask for more?


As I mentioned, the base figure is the same as the Knight of Accord, with the layered armor torso and arms, and the cloth legs, only this figure is more muted in straight black and darker wash, making for a more “evil” appearance.  The colors overall are nicely different from the Knight, making him a darker, more malevolent version of the first release, which makes sense given their back story as Knights who were somehow corrupted by the Blasted Lands.


He comes with two heads, one of the same heads from the Knight of Accord, and a newly sculpted and tooled skeleton head.  This is not the same skeleton head that comes on the standard skeleton figures, but a whole new head that looks really fantastic.  It’s crammed with so much detail and such awesome paint work and adds a wealth of character to an already amazing looking figure.


As mentioned above, while the base is the same as the hero Knight figure, this version comes with the Orc’s spiked shoulder pads and dragon themed helmet, again giving him a more evil aesthetic.  His colors are overall more muted, but still look really nice, and he’s got an arsenal of particularly nasty looking weapons.



Many of the accessories the Knight of Asperity comes with are the same as the Knight of Accord.  He’s got the belt, the cloth, the thigh armor, shin armor and gauntlets.  The shield is the same, and even one helmet and faceplate are the same as well.  The Knight of Asperity has a different axe with a much more dragon theme (that looks incredible, like an awesome, evil dragon spreading its wings) and the sword and sheath are slightly different as well.  The Knight of Asperity also has the Orc Conqueror helmet and shoulder pads as mentioned, just to give him an even nastier twist. All of the combined new accessories add some great flavor to the same base figure, and ramp up the nastiness required.


The Knight of Asperity really is another terrific figure from the Vitruvian HACKS line.  The greatness of the Knight of Accord blended with the sinister rage of the Orc Conqueror gives you this perfect combination.  Great for building your army of darkness.

Knights of Asperity
  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


True brutality. The nearly flawless base figure from the Knights of Accord combined with some of the simmering rage of the Orc Conqueror and you have one awesome looking evil knight corrupted by sinister magic. This figure is spectacular. Impressive articulation as we’re accustomed to, a great, muted paint scheme, and an amazing arsenal of new and existing accessories give us one gorgeous new figure for the Vitruvian HACKS line and the perfect foil for the Accord.

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