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I both love and hate this every year…

Reviewing the convention sets is always a challenge because there is so much to cover and I try to get them done as quickly as I can.  Obviously some years are quicker than others. 🙂

However, part of me really enjoys the feeling of diving into the whole set all at once, touching each figure again, checking them with each other, reliving the joy of acquisition.  So today I begin posting the reviews of the 2017 Force of Battle G.I. Joe Convention set, mostly thanks to the wonderful James Kavanaugh, Jr. who was kind enough to assist.  We went above and beyond the call of duty, so everyone go to RIGHT NOW and buy some of his books, wouldya?

For the first installment, I’m covering three  BattleForce: 2000 figures:

You can hit up each review individually, or keep watching the G.I. Joe Collectors Club Review Page to see them updated on a daily basis until they’re done.