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Conquest X36Con Set Recap

knockdown-01 knockdown-02

One good thing about this review is that you won’t have to hear me complain endlessly about the quality of the new head sculpt…  because there isn’t a new head sculpt.

Knockdown comes with Kwinn’s noggin underneath a repainted  General Mayhem helmet, which actually approximates the Knockdown look far better than I thought it might.  Not only that, but it actually gives us a removable helmet, which is something we don’t get very often these days from the Club.


That’s about the only good thing I can say about this particular figure, however.  Knockdown is, unfortunately, kind of a mess otherwise.

The Club chooses an assortment of parts that you would never think would work together, but somehow they do, at least from an aesthetic perspective in attempting to replicate Knockdown’s vintage look.  Unfortunately, even if they look like Knockdown, they don’t provide much in the way of function or fun.  His arms are especially painful, coming from the Pursuit of COBRA Storm Shadow (the crappy one, not any of the good ones) which limits the elbow range of motion and makes the figure a frustration to pose.  Knockdown uses Techno-Viper’s legs, which are a good choice, but the combination of the short arms with the legs makes him look squat.


Techno-Viper’s vest over his torso replicates the shape and design of the vintage Knockdown as well, but the stickers on the front are a pretty poor substitute for actual textured containers there.  I’d almost prefer they simply left off that deco entirely rather than trying to replicate something three dimensional with decals.  It doesn’t work.



Knockdown comes with the removable helmet, the huge and bizarre vintage pistol and one of the pulse rifles that came during the Rise of COBRA era.  It’s a strange conglomeration of accessories that I suppose accentuates the strangeness of the overall figure as well.


I wasn’t a big fan of the vintage Knockdown, and I’m not a big fan of this modern interpretation either.  The parts combination is strange, the decals on the torso armor make little sense, and he just leaves me pretty cold altogether.

BattleForce: 2000 Knockdown
  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


While I really like the use of Kwinn’s head sculpt here and the 30th Anniversary Techno Viper legs, most everything else on this figure is a swing and a miss. While accurate to the vintage look, the color and texture combinations do not work, the arms’ reduced articulation impacts the poseability of the figure, and his weapons are really nothing to write home about. Not a whole lot to be excited about here.