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If you’ve been following G.I. Joe collecting over the past few years you’re no doubt aware of the fantastic series of modern figure guides entitled “Rank and File” that James Kavanaugh, Jr. has been producing.  He’s currently selling Volume 3 on but unfortunately, over the years, his first  volume has completely sold out.


There has been a high demand to get this first volume (which covers G.I. Joe’s 25th Anniversary and G.I. Joe: Resolute series of figures) so James has turned to Kickstarter to get the funding necessary to produce it.

That’s right, Rank & File Volume 1 is now available on Kickstarter!

Official Press Release
I am pleased to announce that, after a long wait, Rank & File volume 1 now has a chance for reprint via Kickstarter!  This resource guide originally debuted in April of 2015 and sold out by June of 2016.  The Rank & File series archives the history of 4″ G.I. Joe and currently has three volumes produced.  This reprint was also updated to account for some carry forward figures produced after the guide’s first printing, as well as some additional information and error correction.  Below is the description for Rank & File volume 1:
After a brief hiatus in 2006, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero went in a new stylistic direction that is still predominately used today! Fans revisited some of their most cherished icons within the G.I. Joe mythos and were introduced to new characters that are now known and loved.
The Rank & File Guide volume 1 fully displays every G.I. Joe action figure produced between the 25th Anniversary and Resolute, complete with every accessory and variation produced. Volume 1 begins with a introduction to G.I. Joe and discusses its 1964 origins all the way up to the A Real American Hero line in its first two generations, before fully exploring the 25th Anniversary and Resolute series. Not only are the accessories shown, they have been carefully cataloged in an upcoming volume to guarantee the proper shade of accessory goes to the appropriate action figure. To top it off, every vehicle and play set released in the 4″ era has been documented and every easily removable piece has been individually photographed, ensuring collector completion. This full color, 52 page resource manual beautifully illustrates the two series’ 275 action figures, 29 vehicles and every accessory, including all known variations. Not only is every accessory present and accounted for, they have each been assigned a unique number and identified throughout the resource guide. Each action figure has been carefully examined between its initial run and further re-releases to ensure that an accurate sample is clearly and concisely presented, perfect for the collector who is identifying individual action figures or sorting through unorganized lots.
Whether you’re a seasoned or rejuvenated collector, enthusiast, or toy vendor; the Rank & File Guide is the definitive compilation for G.I. Joe action figures, vehicles and play sets produced between 2007 to today. Let the Rank & File Guide serve as a reference for completion or a scrap book to the next big turning point of G.I. Joe:  A Real American Hero.
This Kickstarter not only allows you to be the first to have a reprint of Rank & File volume 1 in hand, it also provides a chance to obtain some rare and fun items, primarily some of the very action figures cataloged in the 25th Anniversary series.  The demand has been listened to and the time is nigh, let’s bring back Rank & File volume 1 for another round.