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Con Set Recap

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Can I just say how happy I am to see 1990 being so fully explored through the G.I. Joe Collectors Club over the past year?  Sure, we got SAW Viper, Night Creeper and Metalhead a few years back, but for the first time, we’re getting a real strong focus on the G.I. Joe side of things during that last decade of A Real American Hero, and I love it.

Bullhorn and Pathfinder hit in the Figure Subscription Service 4.0 and were, by and large, successful interpretations of their vintage counterparts.  Now, in a pretty unexpected move, the Collectors Club has dropped Freefall among their Sky Patrol convention exclusives (which in and of itself, is a 1990 product).  But would Freefall end up being as successful as Bullhorn and Pathfinder?


Oh yes.  Much more so, in fact.

Freefall is made from existing parts all around, but the parts combination is pretty terrific.  His articulation and range of motion work really well, and the later generation parts make for a very nice baggy flight suit that still retains excellent movement.  He can hold his weapon exceptionally well and has nearly flawless balance.  To date he is probably my favorite 1990 update that we’ve gotten yet.


All of these great parts are only further amplified by his spectacular paint scheme, a very nicely applied camouflage pattern in great variations of brown and green, looking quite vintage in their pallet, but with the intricacies that more modern tools can deliver.  He’s the perfect balance of pleasing vintage aesthetics with a modernized take.  Freefall looks really spectacular.



As one would expect, Freefall comes with great accessories to enhance his specialty as a paratrooper.  The terrific rubber parachute pack fits him nicely and he comes with the great, large parachute the Club has utilized over the past few years.  He has 25th Anniversary Blowtorch’s helmet and facemask which make for a great paratrooper mask, along with a sub-machine gun and knife.  Every accessory he comes with makes sense and only increases the coolness of the figure.


Freefall is an excellent update to the 1990 original.  He fits in with Bullhorn and Pathfinder perfectly, as well as being an awesome compliment to the growing roster of HALO specialists and paratroopers throughout the modern era.  Great job on this one!

  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


Another modernized update of a 1990 classic, Freefall does everything right. Great modern parts, a very clean paint job, and some really great accessories give us an awesome collectible update and a just plain fun action figure to boot.