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Con Set Recap

air-commando-cloudburst-01 air-commando-cloudburst-02

Like Skymate next to him in this 2016 G.I. Joe Convention 2-Pack, Cloudburst was a member of the Air Commandos back in the 90s, a team which really took everything about that decade and ramped it up.  The vintage Cloudburst had a unique helmet with clear blue visor and a uniform decked out in black and white and abrupt color breaks of bright yellow.  Underneath the bizarre color scheme was an action figure that packed some really fantastic detail and neat aspects to him.

That’s one thing that always bugs me about the derision received from the 1990’s era of G.I. Joe figures.  Somehow these bright colors negate any sort of positive aspects about the figures, when in fact, many of the 90’s figures are sculpted as well (if not better) than their 80’s counterparts and are only looked down upon because their colors tend to be a little brighter.  Cloudburst is a perfect example of that.


Looking at the modern interpretation of the figure, I think they did an exceptional job translating the vintage look to the modern format, using relatively recent parts that fit quite nicely together and maintain a high level of detail and articulation.  I love the use of the Rise of Cobra Storm Shadow arms, I love that he’s got a new head sculpt (though I would have loved it even more with a removable helmet and/or visor of some kind).  I’m not entirely sure why removable helmets have suddenly become passe, but I admit it’s a disappointment, at least from my perspective.


Looking at the figure as a whole, the great thing about Cloudburst is that all the different parts just work.  The arms, torso, and legs all come from very disparate figures, figures that really bare no passing relation to each other, yet the way they fit together appears nearly seamless.  The breaks in color, while abrupt like the vintage version, still work and you can tell immediately who this character represents.  The more I dig into this updated Cloudburst the more I absolutely love it.



It took me a bit to realize where the webgear came from, but a friend of mine finally clued me in to the DTC Night Viper from way back in 2005.  It’s amazing how well it works with the modern format, and I love that it’s a different choice and doesn’t feel like an overuse.  This Air Commando also comes with two great looking weapons to compliment the nicely chosen webgear.


Like Skymate, Cloudburst also comes with a repainted version of the Spy Troops glider which got its first release with the now infamous Barrel Roll.  This new paint scheme uses the vintage glider as a template and executes it very well.  Like with Skymate, I’m not a huge fan of this glider as a whole, but the Club has done some great work taking a miniature vehicle without much appeal and at least throwing a pretty spiffy new coat of paint on it.


Cloudburst is pretty great.  He balances well, poses easily and although his color choices are a bit off, they are executed to near perfection.  The new head sculpt is great, though I would have appreciated a removable helmet.  His weapons compliment works, and the package as a whole is pretty excellent.

Now give me Spirit!

  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


The classic Air Commando comes back for more, and his updated look is executed quite nicely. I love his paint scheme, love his accessories, and I dig the new head. A very solid entry into the Collectors Club’s already impressive Convention repetoire.