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The roster for 1987 Joes and COBRAs is quickly getting filled and today we get our first look at the latest member of that esteemed line up… Raptor!

As I just posted this morning, Raptor does use some Pursuit of COBRA Zartan parts and Resolute Pilot Destro legs (which makes some sense with the pseudo bird-claw feet).

The use of a removable retro falcon cowl is interesting, and while I would have preferred a completely newly tooled head and/or cowl, this may be functional enough.  Unfortunately the Photoshop work doesn’t do the look and fit any favors.  I like the Jungle Viper wings.  All in all, the build is good.  He’ll fit right in with Battle Armor COBRA Commander, Big Boa and Croc Master.

Now where’s my Crystal Ball dammit?