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They started the reveals last week and now FSS 5 is up for pre-order!  Along with the pre-order they have posted descriptions of the majority of the figures as well (with the exception of Xamot, who supposedly has some tooling questions).

I love seeing these descriptions and trying to get an idea of how each figure is going to be handled based on them.  For example, check out Raptor:

(Based on the classic 1987 action figure!)
Includes: removable falcon headpiece, harness, whistle, winged backpack, revolver pistol, bird staff, falcon with removable hood, and figure stand

My guess based on this?  I think the removable falcon headpiece will be new tooling, but I also think we’ll be seeing some Pursuit of COBRA Zartan elements, too.  The bird staff and falcon with removable hood are from that particular figure.  I love how they’re including Sgt. Slaughter’s whistle, too.  My guess for the winged backpack is the Pursuit of COBRA Skydive (which Black Vulture and Flying Scorpion came from) because that somewhat approximates the look of wings.  If they want to match the cloth of the original wings, though, it’ll probably be the “flying squirrel” backpack from Resolute Snake Eyes and a the Convention Air Commandos from this year.

Then there’s Salvo:

(Based on the classic 1990 action figure!)
Includes: removable helmet, rocket launcher with projectile, weapons case, pistol, and figure stand.

I love the removable helmet from the 1990 version, but one would think that helmet’s tooling is probably lost.  However, the 2006 Direct to Consumer Salvo did come with a similar helmet, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that one is still around.

The guessing game is fun, but I suspect shortly we’ll see everything we want to see, and the FSS order period is open until September 2nd!  Don’t lose your chance to be a part of one of the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club’s most exciting line ups to date.

Order FSS 5 now!