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Pre-Order the Blanks at BossFightShop – Either Female or Male!

While fans of Vitruvian HACKS wait patiently for the fifth wave of Greek Mythology figures to hit, Boss Fight Studio is continuing to release more product, most recently a new color of Blank figures, Green.  Unlike some of the other selections, there doesn’t appear to be any fancy names for this color, it’s just flat out “green” but that’s okay, it’s the figure itself that’s the shining point.

As with all previous blanks, there are female and male selections of this green color, and the design expertise of Boss Fight Studio continues to be at play with the shade of green they use here.  It’s a rich and vibrant color, perfect for any number of customs, whether you want to add another Gorgon to your roster, or consider developing some new Emerald Knights to your super hero shelf.


There are some great color combinations available with the green blanks as there are with many others, including black and the Unearthly Green, which adds some real intriguing brightness to the flat, muted tone underneath.

One might think that these green blanks are the same shade as some existing figures, most notably Medusa (both the post and pre-curse variety) but the color hues are just different enough to add some nice variety.  They can exist alongside Medusa and still stand out on their own. With the Berzerker Gorgon on the way, and existing green Gorgons already relatively plentiful, the green blank adds some fantastic flexibility to existing parts and allows for some great mixing and matching for new color combinations.



Each blank comes with three heads, three sets of feet (boots, bare, and sandals), two sets of hands (one jointed forward/back, one jointed side-to-side) and the footpeg to help them stand.  I could actually see someone producing a full line of just blanks, the fact that Vitruvian HACKS offers them as compliments to a full blown universe and toyline is absolutely amazing.