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When it comes to my sponsors and store affiliation things, I try to refrain from the shameless shilling, but I’m making an exception today.  Deal with it.  🙂

Today, Amazon has launched Prime Day and it’s a great chance to not only kick the tires on their Amazon Prime service, but to get some really insane price deals, too.  I’ve been a member of Amazon Prime for several years and I would never go back.  It’s more than made up the money for me on shipping, plus the streaming video service ain’t half bad either.

Also, if you use my Affiliate link when you buy Amazon products, it supports the site and allows me to expand my reviews a little bit beyond typical G.I. Joe fare.  Recently I’ve been able to review several Transformers items, and I was just able to purchase one of the new Takara Dia Battles sets thanks to my Amazon Affiliation.  Please consider helping GeneralsJoes by clicking my Amazon Affiliate link and checking out Prime Day!

Shill over.