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Earlier this morning, Boss Fight Studio stunned the collecting community with a series of really great reveals through their panel at Roll Out Roll Call.

I asked, and they were kind enough to allow GeneralsJoes to host the official images from their slideshow in far better detail than I was able to grab via screen capture.

HUGE thanks to the Boss Fight folks for allowing me the opportunity to share these with everyone, and make sure you’re setting your alarms for 12:01am to pre-order Wave 5 and the chrome Blanks at!

If you want some more details about the slides below, make sure you check out my in depth recap of the panel.

Thanks again to the Boss Fight crew for letting me host these fantastic slides!

If you like what you see from the Zombie Labs stuff above, too, make sure you’re checking out Dream Concepts on Facebook.  For Legends of the West hit up Chicken Fried Toys.  Lots of great stuff to come!