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Pre-Order the Blanks at BossFightShop – Either Female or Male!

Not one to sit on their haunches, the folks at Boss Fight Studio have been following up their initial Kickstarter release with a pretty steady stream of great new product.  High on the list of that product are some great new colors of Blanks, including Cloud White!

The Cloud White Blank is a vibrant and excellent shade of white, another example of the subtle color expertise from the Boss Fight crew.

Both blanks (the male and female) come with the same heads, hands, and feet as the previous iterations, and what’s really cool about the white color is the sense of it being a “template” for customizers.  While the other blanks are appealing in their own way using their default colors, the white blank gives a real sense of an empty page or a blank slate that can be used to do whatever you might want.  It’s a really cool look.


Along with that, the figure looks fantastic with Bone White accessories, looking almost spectral, and also counter-balances beautifully with black, red, or hell, pretty much any other color imaginable.  White really does go with anything.


I was one of those people who was excited for the character figures, but grabbed all the Blanks mostly because they were part of the bargain.  Little did I know just how infatuated I would be with the Blanks on their own and how much fun would be provided simply with the part swap nature of the featureless figures and awesome accessories.

For those of you who do not have the Cloud White Blank yet, GRAB IT…  it’s an awesome template offering a wealth of great opportunities for customs and part swaps.  Plus it’s brand new and in the Boss Fight Shop right now.

17-female-blank-acc 04-male-blank-acc

Each blank also comes with three heads, three sets of feet (boots, bare, and sandals), two sets of hands (one jointed forward/back, one jointed side-to-side) and the footpeg to help them stand.  I could actually see someone producing a full line of just blanks, the fact that Vitruvian HACKS offers them as compliments to a full blown universe and toyline is absolutely amazing.

It’s pretty astounding how well even the most basic of white Blank figures compliments the various accessory pack colors. Bone White accessories can create ivory statues, and the generic light color really works off of the other accessory packs nicely.