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Over the past two days in London, Boss Fight Studio has participated in a pair of streaming panels from Roll Out Roll Call, and as a part of these  panels they’ve revealed a ton of great details on upcoming product from their Vitruvian HACKS toyline as well as other lines that they’ve worked on.

All of the streaming videos are available at the Boss Fight Studio Facebook Page, but some of the highlights can be seen below:

Boss Fight Studio Reveals Video Stream

Vitruvian HACKS Wave 5

Pre-Order starts tonight at midnight on!

Vitruvian HACKS Wave 6

Four figures included in Wave 6:

  1. Eos Warrior (female fire trooper in translucent yellow/orange with “candy red” shiney armor.  GREAT Phoenix deco on the shield and armor.
  2. Anakritis Gorgon (an interrogator Gorgon trooper with a neon Garter snake deco)
  3. Achilles (a sculpted metal protective boot for his right ankle, and an extremely intricate shield tampo design)
  4. Berzerker Gorgon (a male Gorgon described as a variation of Eurayle’s disciple.  Some very cool cobra-themed tattoos on his back)

Series 2 and Series 3

Boss Fight broke down some nice details about the upcoming Fantasy wave and Retro Sci-Fi Series, revealing an initial look at some 3D sculpts and some inputs on these two upcoming series.

Blanks and Skeletons

More Blank colors were revealed, including transparent, “sky” blue, and it was revealed that the silver/chrome Blank will go on pre-order TONIGHT with Wave 5!

Also a new stone deco Skeleton will be coming soon as well.

Vitruvian Crew

Boss Fight Studio also announced and revealed some concept art for the crew of the “Vitruvian” a time-hopping spaceship that serves as the crux behind the Vitruvian HACKS universe.  The crew will contain a few key characters including:

  1. Gary Goggles (awesome tribute to deceased G.I. Joe historian Gary Head, who is also the historian of the Vitruvian)
  2. Space Leonidas (Leonidas was retrieved just in time from the battle of Thermapolae and instead of being a military style guy, he’s more of an Olympian.  Shorts, cross trainers, energy style weapons)
  3. Carmen “Merc” Mercado (60s era Bolivian revolutionary who serves as the Vitruvian’s main mechanic)
  4. VI (The Vitruvian’s Artificial Intelligence system that is essentially armored hands and feet connected by translucent pink “energy” to resemble human form.  She’s snarky and sarcastic, but is the essence of the Vitruvian ship.

Graphic Novel

Along with their toy product, Boss Fight Studio is working with comic/animation writer Christopher Hicks and comic artist (HACKS package artist as well) Les McLaine on an upcoming graphic novel!

While they’re not going to be using Kickstarter for future toy product, they ARE going to be using Kickstarter for the graphic novel to ensure that the artist and writer can be paid ahead of time for their work.  As part of the graphic novel Kickstarter, both Talos and the Celestial Warrior 2-Pack will be available again as “Kickstarter Exclusives”.

One of the stretch goals of the graphic novel Kickstarter is the VI Vitruvian HACKS figure herself.

Zombie Lab

Boss Fight Studio also revealed a first look at this exciting new upcoming Kickstarter campaign “Zombie Lab”, which was initially revealed during MegaCon.  In a pretty stunning surprise, they actually had some concept art of the upcoming line, which features some pretty fantastic design concepts!

  1. Zombie Labs will be fully sculpted and engineered by Boss Fight Studio to be HACKS compatible!
  2. Zombie Lab will feature CIVILIAN FIGURES which can be swapped out as Zombies!  That’s right, we’ll be getting HACKS Compatible CIVILIANS.
  3. The zombie figures will feature sculpted divots in their flesh where different weapons and accessories can be lodged or stuck to look as if the Zombie is being stabbed or hacked with an axe
  4. Some of the zombies have removable “guts” that clip into open wounds in their bodies
  5. One of the zombies actually had an attachment to give it four arms instead of two
  6. Lots of different head and weapons options

Again, if you want to check out the entire videos, head on over to the Boss Fight Studio Facebook Page and it sounds like we’re in for a few years of amazing upcoming product!  I couldn’t be more excited.