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If there’s any advantage to not making the trip to Loveland this year (and really, this is about the only advantage I can think of) it’s that I can at least try and sit back and offer some coverage of the JoeCon excitement.  With this being only the third Convention I haven’t been able to attend in thirteen years, you’ll have to excuse me if I’m a bit melancholy and a little unaccustomed to the coverage from this perspective.

Today is Wednesday, which means it’s Golden Ticket pickup!  There will be no special attendee exclusives revealed today, HOWEVER Golden Ticket holders will be getting their Convention Comic, and within the pages of that convention comic should be the details about the rest of the convention exclusives!

Golden Ticket pickup is at 8:30pm mountain time tonight, which should be around 10:30pm eastern.  It’ll be here before you know it.

Check out my post from last year to see how this tends to look, and while we won’t get a specific idea of many of the individual characters or how they look, the list of exclusives will shed some light.

Even though I’m not in Colorado, I do have some “boots on the ground” and will endeavor to get the information relayed as fast as humanly possible…  although I would much rather be in Loveland enjoying my favorite weekend of the year, there are still plenty of exciting things to come over the next several days, I hope you’ll join me in this year’s JoeCon coverage!