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As the arrival of the 2016 G.I. Joe Convention draws nearer (2 weeks away… is it possible?!?) the G.I. Joe Collectors Club has released the schedule of events.  It has an outline of all the panels and when those panels are happening, so mark those times in your appointment book.  As usual, there are some key days/times you should keep in mind:

Wednesday Evening

Golden Ticket holders will be able to pick up their packages Wednesday night, and those packages include the exclusive convention comic!  Within the convention comic is usually a rundown of what attendee exclusives are available, so news will be hitting probably around 9:00pm Mountain time!

Thursday Evening

Package pick up for everyone is Thursday, and the official reveals of all of the convention exclusives will happen then!  Pictures and details of the extra items should start spreading like wildfire tonight.


The Club store opens and the sales floor has its sneak preview starting at 2:00pm Mountain!  It’s not clear whether or not Hasbro will have anything new to show at first, but it sounds like they will reveal their real good stuff on Saturday after their panel.  More on that later.

Friday also has a great assortment of panelists including Adam Riches, James Kavanaugh and Dave Tree talking about IDW, Real American Hero, and Action Man himself.


Obviously the big draw on Saturday is the Hasbro panel at 11:00am Mountain (1:00pm Eastern) where Hasbro will reveal 2016 G.I. Joe items!  That’s right boys and girls, confirmation that we will see some product this year.  This will obviously be a pretty huge draw for fans both at the Convention and sitting at home!  After this panel, they will be putting prototype figures in their display booths, so expect a flurry of fans rushing to get pictures of these toys.  WATCH YOUR COMPUTER SCREENS.

The Kindle Worlds panel is at 2:00pm moderated by Derryl DePriest, with the Collectors Club roundtable happening at 3:00pm (all times Mountain).  The GIJCC round table will no doubt outline what’s left for us to see this year, including FSS 5.0 and perhaps more details on the G.I. Joe/Transformers 5-Pack and perhaps even some surprises.  Always a good panel to pay attention to, and considering it’s the last one (ever!) you won’t want to miss it.

Other great panels with Kirk Bozigian, Larry Hama and Gregg Berger are happening this day as well!


The most bittersweet day at JoeCon where the tired masses are trying to recover from the craziness in the days previous, all while getting ready to leave for the last time.  This will be an emotional day in Loveland, Colorado, but folks have to brave the tears for a few more panels.

JoeDeClassified will do their panel at 10:00am Mountain with the always entertaining Joe Colton during her cosplay panel at 11:00am.  You’ll want to check that out, and see if she’s wearing her “Tequila sunglasses”…

Larry Hama will be doing another panel after that, and then bringing up the rear is no other than What’s on Joe Mind themselves, manning the live broadcast for what is literally the last Fun Pub Convention G.I. Joe panel ever.  Landmark occasion capped off by the WOJM street team.

Obviously if you want to check out the full schedule you can click here, but for folks stuck at home, these are the high level events that you may want to keep your eyes on.