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Any day when I can add to my slowly growing Gorgon ranks is a good day, even if the base figure is pretty much identical to a number of others that I already have.

In reality, that doesn’t bug me too much, after all, they are called the “Gorgon Horde” so even as more and more Gorgons are released, all they do is look cooler and cooler stacked up on my display shelf, an ever increasing onslaught of snake tailed warrior women ready to decimate the Spartan and Greek armies.


When you’re talking about figures that are basically repaints of already released figures, the real key to that figure’s success is how effective the new deco is, not to mention the story that develops the character.  Using the Ringneck snake as a template, Boss Fight Studio developed this Ringneck Gorgon’s paint scheme around a deep blue and orange aesthetic, and it’s one that looks truly gorgeous here.  The orange under belly is bright and vibrant, and the blue flesh is rich and extremely nicely hued.  Toy colors are a lost art, and part of the reason why toys based on real world licenses are losing some of their pizazz is that the designers are restricted from thinking a bit more outside the box.  Vitruvian HACKS, from start to finish, has been all about outside the box, and this figure is no exception.


Along with the defining deco, this figure is given a pretty great backstory, too, described on her box as being a quick-minded and ruthless tactician, not just an aggressive killer like some of the others.


She has the calm snake head of the Coral Gorgon, and as with all of her Gorgon sisters, the Ringneck blends effortlessly with her snake tail, allowing for countless terrific poses.  The articulation as a whole is spectacular, with dramatic movement at every point, and nearly perfect balance.



Like most of the rest of the Horde, she has the smooth chest armor and bracers as well as the snake skull helmet, stone sword, stone shield, and stone spear.  Nothing really new or different from an accessory perspective to be found here.  Of course she also comes with the battle stand and extra hands.


I love being able to add to my Gorgon army, and the different complimentary paint schemes are fantastic ways to not just build a massive snake woman fleet, but to offer a little variety while it happens.  At first I thought the main draw of this two pack would be the Ringneck, but as time has gone on, my love for the Undead Warrior has outshone this figure, but I still really enjoy the color scheme and story behind this figure, too.

Currently available as a Travelling Convention exclusive, keep your eyes open for when Boss Fight Studio is attending a show.  When they do, they will have these two packs for sale at the convention as well as on!

The next time they’re attending a show is May 14th in Concord, NH, so if you’re in the area, definitely stop by, or if you’re not local, keep watching so you can snag one of these for yourself once they’re available.

On May 14th be sure to join Boss Fight Studio (and me, too!) at the Capital City Toy and Collectors Show in Concord, NH.  Details in the flyer below.


Ringneck Gorgon (Eternal Struggle)
  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


The cunning tactician and ruthless plotter of the Gorgon Horde, the Ringneck Gorgon is a fantastic new deco to supplement your growing Gorgon army. The same fantastic articulation you’ve come to expect with a striking new paint scheme, the Ringneck is a great new figure from the Vitruvian HACKS line.