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Now as the second batch of Kickstarter shipments are being received, many folks are getting their grubby mitts on the skeletons for the first time, and many of those same folks are looking at all those clear pieces of plastic in the bag and saying “WTF?”

I don’t blame ya!  There isn’t an immediate sign of what exactly to do with them, though Boss Fight has explained it in the past.

Essentially those little clear rubbery/plastic things are two different things.  They’re clasps for Skeletons to use the battle stand, and they’re armor spacers.  Basically, because Boss Fight sculpted the Skeleton so skinny (you know, as a skeleton should be) if you want to do cool things like put armor on, there needs to be something to fill that gap, especially with the armor from the male figures.

So, basically, you can set up the Skeleton like this:


If you enlarge that image you can see the two clasps that go around the Skeletons bony feet.  Those clasps have holes in them that hook to the pegs of the stand.

The four spacers can clip or slide onto the Skeleton’s limbs to add some “bulk”.

Now, keep in mind, the female arm bracers seem to fit the Skeleton fine WITHOUT the spacers.  If you want to use armor from the males, that’s where they come in handy:


In that picture above, I have spacers on the legs, which close the gap and keep the armor pressed tight so it doesn’t wiggle around.  The result is a much more effective fit and the skeleton becomes a lot more customizable.

As of yet I haven’t found any arm bracers that necessitate the spacers on the arms, but I’m sure something is coming, and kudos to Boss Fight for staying ahead of it.