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If you’ve hung around the Facebook groups dedicated to Boss Fight Studio and Vitruvian HACKS, you’ve likely seen some folks customizing their Medusas to lengthen her tail.  The process is actually a lot simpler than I originally thought, and I whipped up a YouTube tutorial to check out the process, with thanks to Chris from The Full Force podcast!

Essentially, the most key component is that each of the tail segments are helpfully numbered (1 is the long lower body, 8 is the tip of the tail, and all other numbers fall between, in order).

Thanks to Brian and Randall over at the Boss Fighters group, the best order of the tail enhancement appears to be as follows: 1-2,3-2,3-4,5-4,5-6,7-6,7-8.

If you’re still confused, check out the YouTube video embedded below…it’s less than 10 minutes and will make life easy!