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It felt like a very long wait before we got our first Vitruvian HACKS action figures, but now, over the course of the past month or two, things have been tricking out pretty regularly, and it’s a fantastic feeling every time I get a new HACKS figure in the mail.  Even though the core figures themselves are largely the same, each new figure brings some great new things to the table, and the Undead Warrior is certainly no different.


The Undead Warrior is described as being a “servant of Hades”, who is of course, the God of the Dead from Greek Mythology, who is often depicted as having purple colors either throughout his robe, or emanating from some mystical energy around him.  Looking at his story on the back of the package you see that he’s not necessarily good or evil, he merely exists to serve Hades whims.  The very nature of the concept behind “Eternal Struggle” seems to at least partially indicate that he’s fighting against the Gorgons at this point, but this could change at any moment.  The Undead Warrior is powered by strange energies that we do not understand, and as such is a potentially unstoppable and fearsome soldier.  Let’s all hope he continues to fight the good fight.


The figure itself is essentially a translucent purple Athenian Warrior (a figure that is just now in the process of shipping to Kickstarter backers) with the chest armor and leather skirt tooling seen with that upcoming figure. They have some added sculpted detail in the shoulder straps and the chest itself, with some great looking layered sculpting on the skirt, too.  I love the look, and it does help differentiate the figure a bit from the Spartans we’ve seen released to date.

Along with the updated chest armor, the shin guards are also from those two previously mentioned figures, having some more ornate decoration than the standard smooth metallic that we’ve seen from the Spartans thus far.


Obviously where this figure truly stands apart is his color scheme.  The translucent purple is an amazing look, especially in the right light, and I find myself really captivated by just how brilliant the color scheme is, and how, even with the armor on, the figure remains barely opaque and almost spector-like, especially when displayed among his fully visible peers.  I took the figure outside to take some quick pictures for Instagram and was completely blown away by just how photegenic the figure was, especially as the sunlight hit it.  A truly spectacular combination of colors.



Unlike the Ultimate Spartan, this Undead Warrior doesn’t come with a ton of gear, but it feels just right.  He has two swords (one of which can slip into a loop on the back of his armor), a helmet, a really nicely decoed shield, and the same spear we’ve seen with a few figures already.  Each weapon is produced in the same clear purple color as the base figure, and even all in one hue, the end result is pretty spectacular.  He also comes with the two extra hands and a battle stand, just like everyone else.

The armor pieces and shield are a more translucent gray than purple, but they compliment the Hades color scheme well and look truly incredible on the Undead Warrior.  They look pretty amazing on other translucent blanks as well.  A fantastic combination of see through parts that combine to form a really unique and amazing looking figure.


At first I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the Undead Warrior besides him just being a translucent figure.  Once I read his story and got the figure in the right light, however, his true worth really showed through, and at this point he remains one of my favorite HACKS figures that I own to date.  Currently available as a Travelling Convention exclusive, keep your eyes open for when Boss Fight Studio is attending a show.  When they do, they will have these two packs for sale at the convention as well as on!

The next time they’re attending a show is May 14th in Concord, NH, so if you’re in the area, definitely stop by, or if you’re not local, keep watching so you can snag one of these for yourself once they’re available.

On May 14th be sure to join Boss Fight Studio (and me, too!) at the Capital City Toy and Collectors Show in Concord, NH.  Details in the flyer below.


Undead Warrior (Eternal Struggle)
  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


The servant of Hades and an awesome looking translucent purple warrior come together to form another great entry into the ever growing Vitruvian HACKS toyline. Great sculpting, immaculate articulation, and a collection of fun accessories are always present with all of these figures, and this is certainly no exception.