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I’m not even sure where to begin with this figure, other than to profess my love for it in pretty much every way humanly possible.  Yet another figure with a link to Hades and the underworld, the Tartarus Guard represents the secret elite, supernatural soldiers who guard not just the Underworld, but Tartar, the lowest level of the underworld.  It’s somewhat dubious as to whether or not they actually serve Hades or some other entity apart from him, but considering how much I love the Undead Warrior (and the purple skeletons, but more on that later) I’m finding it really appealing to try and work this figure into the more standardized Hades crew.  Her pink trim is a lot more pink than purple, but I think I can make it work.


The Tartarus Guard features the familiar female figure build with a new head, and a striking new head at that.  Her excellent braided pony tail is removable so the helmet will fit on, but the figure looks terrific with or without it.  She’s wearing the familiar Amazon armor, but really, it’s the sinister paint scheme that completely sells it.


Black is her base color, a complete jet black, with only pink trim in the right places to illuminate her.  Using the skeleton has a template, her bones appear to be painted over in a vibrant pink color, which stands out incredibly well among the black body backdrop.


The face paint is especially compelling, with the blacked out sections of where the skull teeth would be looking very sinister and evil.  Bones decoed into her dark skin are obviously stylized, but an exceptionally cool design aesthetic, even with the armor over the top of them.  She is one hell of an evil looking netherworld defender, and the pinnacle of design excellence.  I’m not sure where Boss Fight got the idea of painting this figure up like this, but it’s a daring concept and executed remarkably well.



The Tartarus Guard comes with an arsenal of weaponry, including three separate swords, a spear, a shield (with a fantastic rendition of Hades Bident), two battle axes and her helmet.  She also has the Amazon breastplate, arm, and leg armor as well, so she is well equipped to defend her station.


The fact that the Hades Bident is decoed on her shield leads me to believe she does exist to fight alongside the Undead Warrior, which is awesome.  I really love that figure, and I love this figure as well, and as the days go on I feel more and more compelled to find a way to involve Hades in my HACKS mythology.


The Tartarus Guard is phenomenal.  Excellent design, terrific articulation, and an exciting new head sculpt all come together to give us a great new character in the HACKS line.  Black skin with the pink embellishments works far better than I suspected it might, and I actually find myself wondering how I can get a few more pink skeletons or even maybe leverage some of the pink blanks to bolster my Tartar forces.  Fantastic job on this one.

Tartarus Guard
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From the depths of the underworld, the Tartarus Guard strikes fear into the hearts of all. A spectacular insidious paint scheme, terrific figure design and an arsenal of nasty weapons gives the Tartarus Guard a huge upper hand against all foes. The new head sculpt is terrific, and she wears the Amazon armor to perfection in a really appealing gold and purple paint scheme. With each passing day I’m becoming more interested in the Hades side of this whole conflict, and the Tartarus Guard fits right in that sweet spot.