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The Myrmidon Warriors have a storied place in the history of Greek Mythology.  Legends say this team of highly trained soldiers was led by Achilles after Zeus created them from a colony of ants.  Throughout Homer’s Iliad they fought alongside Achilles in the Trojan War, and it’s pretty awesome to see that history twisted somewhat and see them in combat against the Gorgons.  Part of the joy of the Vitruvian HACKS toy line has been doing some further research into the depths of Greek Mythology and finding where some of this inspiration was drawn and trying to see how that might shape future installments.  I’m not sure how many more figures within the realm of the Greek theme Boss Fight Studio might produce but for every moment of research I do, the possibilities continue to emerge.  The great thing about the HACKS format is that even if Boss Fight doesn’t make your favorite hero (or army) it’s not at all difficult to just do it yourself!


Looking past history and just at the Myrmidon himself, we find an excellent figure to supplement your Spartan armies.  Described as a mercenary on the bio card or a “Soldier of Fortune” on the package itself, the Myrmidons appear to be soldiers for hire who the Spartans bring in to assist in battle with the Horde. The dark skinned Myrmidons have fantastic layered armor (the same we originally saw with Talos) which has some fantastic texture and sculpting throughout.


The color of the armor is very dark, an almost black hue trimmed with bright, vibrant gold.  It’s an excellent combination of colors brought to life in just the right way.  The gold is a perfect compliment that doesn’t overwhelm the darker armor and does just what it’s supposed to do in bringing some nice color out without sacrificing the stealth natures of the darkness.

His helmet and shin guards are the more ornate decorative ones, with each curved line brushed in the gold trim and the effect is excellent.  As with each HACKS figure, the base articulation is terrific and I really love the bald head sculpt used here, too.



With the thick, layered chest and leg armor, the Myrmidon Warrior looks like a force to be reckoned with. He comes with a great helmet, sheath, sword and fairly ordinary shield.  He’s not burdened with a ton of gear, which actually makes sense given his needs for being mobile and fast moving, depending on where the next payday comes from.  I really love the scorpion emblem on the shield, it adds a nice flair to the accessories for sure.


This is another figure I was pleasantly surprised by.  During the Kickstarter it felt as if the Spartans themselves and the Gorgons were the highlight, while a lot of stuff was sprinkled in as filler for each side of the conflict, but I gotta say, the Myrmidon is another key piece of the HACKS collection and a terrific accentuation of the Spartan troops.

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Myrmidon Warrior
  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


Another great addition to the human army, the Myrmidon Warrior is a group with a storied past in Greek Mythology. Their place in the Trojan War is the stuff of legends, and I’m exceedingly excited to see where their inclusion in the HACKS line leads. The figure itself is well done with some really rich and interesting color combinations, great parts selections, and a nice, if somewhat small, set of accessories. Not the showcase of the line, but a great supporting member, and I love their mercenary backdrop.