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As I looked through images of the Vitruvian HACKS figures throughout the Kickstarter and with every update that Boss Fight Studio, I had visions of which figure I thought would be my favorite.  At first it was Leonidas, the ruler of the Spartan army with his identifiable visage, arsenal of weapons, and great armor.  Then I thought it would probably be one of the Gorgons with Medusa and Black Racer edging their way up towards the top.


From a character perspective, I latched onto the Myrmidon Warrior as a great looking mercenary, and of course my own personal favorite Stonefist.  As the new engineering and gear became more visible, I found myself looking past figures that seemed more… I don’t know… ordinary?  Someone like Eurayle, who looked fine, but was essentially a female figure in some kind of ceremonial two piece.  She looked fine, but didn’t knock my socks off.


Well, I got her in hand, and much to my own surprise, she rocketed straight to the top of my favorites list.  I can’t even explain it.  The construction of the figure just feels perfect.  The weight, the durability, the articulation, it all comes together and feels about as right as a 4” action figure can feel.  Each joint is the perfect tightness, her secondaries look great, but don’t restrict movement at all, and the sculpt of her pulled back snake hair simply looks fantastic.  She’s slender, but looks exceedingly strong, a powerful figure in the Gorgon mythology.


Her characterization in the bio card is great as well, the youngest Gorgon sister who seems to have her own hidden agenda as she hypnotizes a private army of Disciples who are willing to do anything for her.  I was so captivated by the figure and the character, that I was thrilled that I had a few extra Disciples, and just feeling how great Eurayle was actually made me even more thrilled about the Precurse Medusa, who is built on the same framework.

Everything comes together here.  A great character, a nicely poseable figure, nearly perfect construction.  She may not have the state of the art engineering of the poseable tail or the layers of body armor and armory of weapons, but everything about her just feels right.  She may be one of the best 4” female action figures I’ve ever held in my hand.


If I have any complaint it’s that due to the bare feet of the figure and the rocker ankles, she has some trouble standing on the foot stand.  This is an ongoing issue that we’ve seen many times before, and while Boss Fight managed to get around that with the sandled feet and the booted feet, the bare feet don’t fare quite so well.  Knowing Boss Fight Studio like I do, I suspect they have some plans to resolve this in some way or another going forward.



Eurayle comes with some great weapons as well.  Two sets of ornate bladed weapons of varying lengths manage to look regal and lethal all at once.  My favorite is probably the longer of the solid blade weapons, though a truly love the look of the interwoven snake-handled knives as well.


Along with this, she comes with arm and leg bands, which at first I thought would be a real pain, but they’re exceedingly flexible and manage to stay in place fairly well, even when moving the figure all around.  I was quite surprised at how nicely they compliment her and do not negatively impact the figure as a whole.


Eurayle wasn’t even really on my radar during the Kickstarter, and actually I probably only own her because she was part of the All In package, but good grief I’m glad I got her.  Far and away one of the nicest 4” action figures I’ve ever held, she manages to stand out amongst an already crowded field of fantastic Vitruvian HACKS figures which is really saying something.

Check out the video review below!

  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


The younger sister of Medusa is also the best Gorgon sister of them all. Flawless construction, understated, yet perfect paint applications, and just the right assortment of cool accessories gives us one of the finest Vitruvian HACKS figures I’ve seen to date and one of my favorite female action figures ever. Stellar, stellar work to all involved. This one is an absolute winner.