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As I mentioned in the Celestial Perseus review, I’ve had a hard time rationalizing how these figures fit into the HACKS line, though I totally love how they wrote the existence of these constellations into some potential future intergalactic piece of the HACKS toyline universe.


While the Perseus constellation references the severed head of Medusa clutched in his hand, Boss Fight Studio elected to tie Medusa to the “Hydra” constellation, an interesting way to have this celestial combat remain on more equal footing.


Medusa is essentially the same figure as she was in her carded form, only with the standard Gorgon breastplate and gauntlets rather than her shoulder armor, top, and hip armor.  I think it’s a cool choice and feels a bit more solid and cohesive than it might have if they’d tried to use those smaller pieces.


Like Perseus, the real highlight of this figure is the various layers of transparent grays that makes the figure almost look like she is built from outer space itself, a fascinating and gorgeous combination of colors and deco that is really pretty remarkable.  Even with the somewhat softer plastic that comes with the transparency, the figure retains her solid build and a fully functional tail, and she looks pretty spectacular with the complex pattern of glowing stars spread throughout her paint deco.



Medusa only comes with her sword and the shield, patterned with the Hydra constellation, colored in the same great way that the rest of the figure is as well as the breastplate armor and gauntlets that she’s equipped with.


Like Perseus, I’m not sure exactly where Medusa fits in the storyline, but I do love how the package description ties these constellations to some galactic battle that takes place after the Gorgon War.  It obviously leads one to believe that there is much more to this HACKS world than Greek Mythology and that some of these characters may carry forward into future adventures.  Pretty awesome stuff to consider, and I’m looking forward to seeing where things go from here.

Celestial Medusa
  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


An intriguing concept and executed extremely well, this Celestial version of Medusa manages to retain all of the fun sculpt and articulation of the standard release, but build in this great astrophysical twist. Somehow Boss Fight Studio is tying these constellations into their ongoing mythology, which is great, though I’m still not sure precisely how this character will get used in the story line going forward.