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Pre-Order the Blanks at BossFightShop – Either Female or Male!

Realistically, what can be said about the blanks that hasn’t already been said countless other times in all the other reviews?  After all, the blanks simply are the foundation that every single figure is built on.  Any Spartan that you love is just paint and a new head with armor combinations layered on top of the male blank.  Any Amazon you love (or Tartarus Guard as the case may be) is just a head, paint, and armor layered on top of the female blank.  Without these two building blocks, the rest of the figures simply would not exist.

hacks-male-blank-11 hacks-female-blank-10

Boss Fight Studio knows this and knows how to develop their product as the Highly Articulated Character Kit System meaning they want people to tear these things down and build their own.  Rather than tearing down carded figures, why not offer up some blank templates for collectors to mess with all their own.  The flexibility this offers also allows them to branch out into a rainbow of different amazing colors, go transparent, and completely expand the character base.


Do you want to see how Poseidon would fit into the Gorgon War?  Grab yourself a Bio Blue blank, an accessory kit, and knock yourself out.  Want to go full demon?  Grab a red blank (either gender) and build you own demonic creature.  


The blanks are fantastically sculpted, retaining an amazing amount of mobility and sculpting which somehow dovetail perfectly together.  Each blank is muscular enough to look imposing, yet narrow and flexible enough to retain some incredible poses with or without armor.  This claim goes to either male or female blanks.


Adding the accessory packs to Boss Fight’s library of colorful blanks only increases collector and customizer options, letting them pick, choose and swap to their heart’s content.  I literally spent hours swapping parts as I worked through these reviews and I barely scratched the surface of what’s possible with a lot more creativity than I have.


Simply add some heat (preferably via hair dryer, boiling water can sometimes warp plastic) and these blanks can also be fully disassembled into a ton of smaller pieces to allow even more color swaps and mixing and matching.  The pegs remove and clip back in very easily and manage to retain their tightness even after swapping.  I’m in awe of the engineering required to make this happen, and the overall design of these figures is really and truly impressive.

hacks-male-blank-13 hacks-female-blank-15

Even with all of the actual characters and painted figures I have on my shelf, I can’t help but continue pulling out blanks, posing them, making them fight, gearing them up and just having fun.  Boss Fight has perfected the art of color in toy design, and each of these blanks feels like the almost perfect shade of their given colors, rich and vibrant, and contrasting with complimentary accessory kits to a nearly flawless degree.

Each blank also comes with three heads, three sets of feet (boots, bare, and sandals), two sets of hands (one jointed forward/back, one jointed side-to-side) and the footpeg to help them stand.  I could actually see someone producing a full line of just blanks, the fact that Vitruvian HACKS offers them as compliments to a full blown universe and toyline is absolutely amazing.


These blanks are FUN.  I don’t consider myself a hardcore customizer, but the time that could be whittled away mixing and matching parts is almost frightening to consider.  There are so many options and they are so simple to part swap, that this could easily become a time consuming venture, but a venture that has its own set of awesome rewards.

Like the accessory packs, I’m not even sure how to frame a numerical review for these.  The colors are vibrant and striking, the articulation is unmatched among 1:18 scale peers, and the sculpting is meticulous and downright artistic.  That being said, these figures are built for customizing and designed around a foundation of being the building blocks with which to create other characters.  As such it’s incredibly difficult to assign a score to these blanks as a whole, I can only reiterate what a terrific idea this is conceptually, and how impressive the execution has ended up.