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Where the Spartan Warriors are described as being more intense and aggressive soldiers, the Athenians are described as being more strategic, with an expertise more in organized naval combat rather than the “in the dirt” battle that the Spartans apparently excel at.  The look of the Athenian corroborates that story, dressed in white layered armor, looking quite a bit more ornate than their Spartan comrades.


The base figure is the same as many others we’ve seen, with the plain male body and a bald male head.  Spectacular sculpting and excellent articulation highlight the base figure as they do with every human figure we get in the line.  I find myself really liking the look and texture of the armor, and it’s the same look that we got with the Undead Warrior from the Eternal Struggle 2 Pack just a short while ago.  Mostly white with some red and gray trim, the Athenian looks significantly different than the Spartan and complements the growing human army nicely.

It’s pretty impressive how figures with the exact same base body and only some minor changes to secondary accessories on top of it can really grow new life, and I find that I’m really impressed with the Athenians, simply due to their brighter colors and more decorative armor.  Sometimes the small things help.

The addition of the new bald head sculpt is a very nice change as well.



The Athenian is decked out pretty well.  He has two separate helmets, one pretty vanilla and the other much more ceremonial, both helmets having come with the NJCC exclusive Ultimate Spartan.  He has a shield with a great deco, a sheath with sword, and the familiar spear.  All of these weapons can be held easily on the figure, thanks to the loop on the back of the vest.  I really dig the face on the shield, which appears to represent the Barbarian, a theme that the Greeks often used to represent menace and danger.


Ultimately, I think I prefer the Spartans with their “down and dirty” combat togs, but the Athenians certainly look cool as well.  Their brighter and cleaner overall appearance contrasts nicely with the polished bronze look of their brothers in arms in their battle against the Gorgons.  The base figure is fantastic, as they all are, and the accessories add some nice flair.

For the video review, look below.

Athenian Warrior
  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


An excellent compliment to the Spartan Warrior, I love that Boss Fight is pulling from various parts of Greek Mythology here. With some new helmets, a great new bald head sculpt, and really cool expanded paint deco, we have a whole new addition to the Vitruvian HACKS roster of characters. The Athenian Warrior seems a bit more ceremonial than the Spartan, and ultimately I think I might prefer the Spartan somewhat, but this soldier definitely packs his own impressive punch!