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Due to some of the manufacturing delays there were cases that we actually received repaints of figures before we received the original figures themselves.  In some cases this has created a little bit of a sense of subdued excitement for the originals.  A figure like Leonidas was one of the ones I was really looking forward to, but upon getting the Ultimate Spartan first, the anticipation of that figure was at least somewhat reduced.  


I think the same holds true for the Amazon Warrior.  I remember the excitement of the Kickstarter campaign and how thrilled backers were when the Amazon was unveiled.  We were all greatly looking forward to it and now that we received the Amazon Elite Warrior exclusive (from Kokomo Toys and All the Cool Stuff) first it sort of feels like we’ve gotten this figure already.


But you know what?  Much to my surprise, I still feel like this is something pretty new and exciting.  By changing the skin color and armor hue, the Elite Warrior repaint becomes something pretty different, and I find myself unexpectedly thrilled at this rendition of the Amazon.  Structurally, the figure is the same as the exclusive, though the head sculpt looks as if it might be slightly tweaked.  Her build is slender and extremely well articulated from the ball joint neck to the very nice rocker ankles.  Because she has the sandal feet, those ankle joints do not inhibit her standing on the foot peg either.


The standard Amazon has a much brighter paint scheme, with the bronze/gold armor and brown leather skirt rather than the silver and black.  Ultimately I think I might like the silver/black combination a little better, but the more vibrant shade of silver makes her feel like the “elite” warrior that she is.  Paint deco tattoos are the same as the elite version, too, but the different skin color nicely separates the two and makes them feel like two truly unique versions of each other.  I continue to be exceedingly impressed at how Boss Fight Studio handles female action figures, balancing durability, aesthetics and articulation to near perfection.  Rarely in an action figure line (I’d almost be willing to say never) have females played such a large role, and it’s fantastic to see the figures produces so exceptionally well.

Speaking as someone with two daughters, I love this mentality, and so do my kids.



The Amazon comes with some familiar gear, including the spear and two different length swords.  She has the Spartan helmet with the tail at the back and the same deco shield that came with her Elite counterpart, only in gold trim instead of silver.  Of course accessories are rounded off with two extra hands and the foot peg.


Even though we’ve essentially received this figure before as a store exclusive, I can’t help but find a lot to love with this version as well.  Hopefully there are even more Amazons on the horizon, or if not, I may end up buying a couple more of this one to compliment my Elite and help the Spartans fight against the ever increasing Gorgon Horde.

Check out the video review below!

Amazon Warrior
  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


One of the most fearsome warriors on the planet, the Amazons bring a great new element to the HACKS universe and compliment the exclusive Amazon Elite Warriors to perfection. The gold armor and brown leather balance out the silver and black, and add just the right variety, while still building the army to a small degree. She’s got great weapons and intricate paint deco. A great addition to the already nice HACKS roster of human soldiers.