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Like the Gorgon, the Spartan is produced in a somewhat milky color to represent the glow in the dark look and feel of these supernatural characters.  The build for the spectral Spartan is much like the others, only with a bald head.


The pale color of his skin is offset by a somewhat orange look to his armor and leg guards (as well as the helmet) which breaks up the base color quite nicely and adds a nice spark of interesting detail, even without actually glowing in the dark.  In fact, I think as a whole, the Spartan is a lot more aesthetically pleasing than the Gorgon, the combination of light yellow and red complimenting each other much better than the other half of the two pack.


The plastic here feels quite a bit more solid, too, not quite as soft as the Gorgon, so I feel more comfortable posing and displaying this figure.  There’s a certain feel to the translucent figures that is actually really fun.  The joints feel like they move a lot more freely and they feel far more playable, and even though these figures aren’t translucent, I notice some similarities here, too.


I did run some scientific field tests on the glow in the dark functionality with these figures, and I was pretty pleased with the results.  All told, the Spartan looks cool standing on the shelf in regular light, and he glows really nicely in the dark as well, once those lights go off.  It’s a very cool effect.



The Spartan comes pretty well loaded with nice gear, all in the same great semi-see through red color.  A shield, two swords, and two battle axes make for a great arsenal, plus the normal helmet and armor all combines together to give us a really nicely equipped glow in the dark Spartan Warrior who is a lot of fun in the light and in the dark.


Yes, glow in the dark is a gimmick, but Boss Fight did their best to try and walk the line between gimmick and a great figure.  With the Gorgon I felt like they tipped a little close to the “gimmick” side, but with the Spartan they seem to have struck a near perfect balance between the two.  I like this figure a lot.

Afterlife Spartan
  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


A very cool looking spectral version of the Spartan Warrior complete with astral looking milky skin complimented by a really cool pale orange armor compliment. The translucent red weapons also look great, and he comes with some really nice gear. I’m always a fan of the axe, and seeing the axe in a cool supernatural red is even better. He holds up more solidly than the Gorgon in this 2 pack and is a lot more fun to play with as well.