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Yeah, I’m a little removed from the news from MegaCon at this point, mostly due to working on another Vitruvian HACKS related project which I will hopefully be able to reveal very soon.

Boss Fight Studio has officially set up shop at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida this weekend, and is making some fantastic announcements!

First and foremost, they’ve revealed the digital sculpts for the first two figures in the Series 02 Fantasy line from Vitruvian HACKS.  There are some key changes, especially to the knight, but the figures still look, as one might suspect, pretty fantastic.


But the even bigger news out of MegaCon, courtesy of Boss Fight’s Facebook Page is the reveal of a special Wave 5 from the Greek Mythology line!  Featuring a Cursed Skeleton, the River Styx Guardian, a Boa Constrictor Gorgon, and the Amazon Commander Penthesilea!  For folks who are unfamiliar with the history around Penthesilea, she was the daughter of Ares, and an Amazonian queen.  Certain mythologies also connect her with Achilles, so it will be very interesting to see where this all plays out.  We already have the Myrmidon Warriors, and now we’ve got Penthesilea, it’s pretty fantastic to see the dots slowly getting connected here.  Boss Fight revealed first samples of the figures as well as the spectacular card art, check those mirrored images out below.

As if this wasn’t enough…they also revealed two brand new Silver Blanks!

But, wait… there’s more!  Along with all of this exciting news, they’ve also announced a collaboration with them and Dream Concept on a new line of HACKS compatible ZOMBIE FIGURES.  Holy cow.

Yeah, MegaCon has been pretty huge for Boss Fight Studio, and from the looks of things, more huge still to come.  Follow along on the Boss Fight Studios Facebook Page.  Even better, if you’re in the Orlando area, swing by MegaCon booth 818 and tell them GeneralsJoes says hello!