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This Sunday marks the Spring, 2016 New Jersey Collectors Convention, which is a really fun show that I was able to attend a couple of years back.  I had a real blast, and would strongly recommend anyone who is in the New Jersey/Pennsylvania area to check it out for yourself.

The upcoming show has an even bigger draw, too!  Boss Fight Studio will be in attendance with their NJCC exclusive “Ultimate Spartan” at the show and available for purchase!

Along with that, this is the first show where they’re offering the “Eternal Struggle” 2-Pack.  If you can’t make the show, you can still get the 2 Pack, as Catrina from Boss Fight tells us, it will be available via at 12:00am Eastern time Sunday morning in their regular orders section.

The Ultimate Spartan will ONLY BE SOLD AT THE SHOW.

I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see the Vitruvian HACKS figures starting to get out there, from the first Kickstarter shipment to the Amazon Elite Warrior, and now the Ultimate Spartan and Eternal Struggle 2 Pack.  These toys are fantastic, and I think you’ll love ’em if you don’t already.

Hit up for the latest details (as well as driving directions).  Enjoy!