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There are a few things I immediately take away from my early experiences with the Amazon (Elite Warrior) Vitruvian HACKS figure (available exclusively from Kokomo Toys and All the Cool Stuff).

First and foremost, this is the first human female figure that has been released in the HACKS line so far, and I cannot say enough fantastic things about its construction, articulation, and overall durability.  The female buck is sculpted somewhat slimmer than the male buck, yet still maintains the excellent range of motion, and doesn’t feel significantly more fragile in any way.  She moves and plays just as effectively as the male, and as my six year old grabbed her from the review station and started doing battle with Evil Lyn, my heart skipped a beat somewhat, but the end result was 15 minutes of fun play time for my kid, and no damage done to the Amazon.

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The second thing I immediately took away was that Boss Fight Studio is using their tooling dollars very wisely and has already managed to supply themselves with a library of parts that can extend their own lives by complimenting many different kinds of figures.

Her upper torso and arms are the same as the Gorgons we’ve seen so far (though the Gorgons have a different lower torso to jive with their snake tails).  She has the same bracers and similar chest armor as the snake ladies as well, and with an amazingly vibrant sort of brushed metal silver deco that really makes the figure pop.

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Unlike the Spartans, the leather skirt is a separate piece from the torso armor, and it’s sculpted to look remarkably like real leather, with very fine texture bringing some great depth to the accessory.  I also love the loop on the back which enables the Amazon to hold her sword effortlessly back there.

The Amazon’s paint scheme is terrific, with an excellent and realistic skin tone and these incredible paint tampo tattoos that are intricate and fantastic.  They bring a ton of character to the figure and the paint masks used to produce them are spectacular.  I love the look.

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Like the Spartans, she has nearly flawless articulation, and with the Amazon they even added rocker ankles which only serves to enhance the realism of the way she can pose.  I have had very mixed reactions with rocker ankles in other toylines as they can sometimes be fragile or cause the foot pegs to not fit in all the way.  Neither of these appears to be an issue with the Amazon, as her ankles tilt perfectly, yet still maintain a nicely deep heel hole for the foot peg.  I really like the sculpted sandals on her feet as well.  I am exceedingly impressed with my first exposure to a human female figure within the Vitruvian HACKS line and fine myself antsy for their fantasy series. My aforementioned six year old daughter has a major affinity for fairies and has already asked me to give her one of the HACKS fairies for her birthday.

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As much as I love the structural qualities of the Amazon, it’s the paint deco that really makes it shine, with the combination of skin tone, warpaint (tattoos?), bright silver armor and the dark leather skirt.  She’s a very vibrant and exciting looking figure.



The Amazon Elite Warrior is extremely well accessorized.  She comes with two axes, two separate helmets, a shield, a sword, and a spear.  The shield has a new deco which looks really great.  Like the other female Gorgons, she can hold her shield much better than the male figures, and looks truly imposing once she’s all decked out with her gear.

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Exclusive domestically to Kokomo Toys and internationally to All the Cool Stuff, this Amazon Elite Warrior has been selling quite briskly.  If you want one for yourself (as well you should) you should pull the trigger quickly.  She’s got great construction, terrific articulation, and a really exciting paint scheme which all combines to give us a really great figure and an excellent introduction to the female human form within Vitruvian HACKS.

Buy this figure from Kokomo Toys and All the Cool Stuff!

Amazon Elite Warrior
  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


Capable of going toe-to-toe with any enemy on Earth, the fearless Amazon Elite Warriors look like the bad ass soldiers they are. Great sculpting, impressive articulation (with some rocker ankles that are actually functional!) and intricate detailed paint work, this is a figure for the Gorgons to fear. Available in very limited quantities domestically from Kokomo Toys and internationally from All The Cool Stuff, she is the perfect compliment to your Spartan army. A great figure!