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While there has been no official formal announcement that I’m aware of, it would appear as if Prime 1 Studios as acquired the license to produce statues based on the G.I. Joe brand, likely within the 1/3 or 1/4 scale.

Prime 1 is currently working with several other licenses, including Warner Brother’s Batman vs. Superman, the Michael Bay Transformers universe, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, just to name a few.

Details are not forthcoming as of yet, but in a Prime 1 Collectors Facebook group Kevin Loke (who appears to work for the company) made the announcement and has solicited some input as to which characters collectors would like to see.

You can see the screen capture of his announcement below, and you can find the Facebook group right here.  Curiously, he states that the license “is confirmed” but I know I have not yet seen it announced anywhere.  Maybe I missed it, or maybe the news is still to come.

Time will tell, and hopefully what we see from Prime 1 proves more sustainable than some previous entries into the statuary market have been.

Now, obviously until we hear this confirmed by Hasbro, it must be treated as rumor, but there certainly seems to be some truth to it.  Big thanks to YT74 on Twitter for the news.