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We have another JoeCon exclusive reveal this evening, this time the Cobra Night Vulture and Altitude, from Sky Patrol!

Neither of them are quite as impressive as the ones we saw yesterday, but they’re still very nice parts combinations.  Night Vulture seems to be a large part the ’89 Snake Eyes 25th Anniversary figure (with Retaliation Cobra Trooper’s head), while Altitude is a healthy helping of PoC Duke, Firefly, and Lift Ticket arms.

I love the more modern parts, and even though the ’89 Snake Eyes is from several years ago, it was pretty far ahead of its time.  Both figures are well articulated and really striking.  Night Vulture’s matching wing suit is great, too.

Check out or the mirrored images below.  Still off to a great start.  I really can’t wait to see Flying Scorpion, Black Vulture, and the Air Devils!

03-GIJCC-JoeCon-Altitude 04-GIJCC-JoeCon-Night-Vulture