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Oh hell yes.

We are off to one heck of a good start if the rest of the figures finish like they’ve started.

The G.I. Joe Collectors Club has debuted their first two Convention figures, Skydive and Sky Creeper, and they are…well…  amazing?

Skydive looks to be using Mutt’s head and a Data Viper build with some striking blue and gray colors that really jump off the screen.  I love that he’s got the Resolute jetpack as well.

Sky Creeper has a brand spanking new head along with what looks to be partially Ultimate Cobra Commander and PoC Snake Eyes, and the colors are spectacular.  He’s got the fantastic wingsuit as well that I’m a big fan of.

Wow, right out of the gate, we’ve got two really great looking Convention figures.  If this is what we should expect going forward, this may be a boxed set for the ages.  Check out the images below and keep watching for the latest info!